About Company

Guwha was founded by people who had a vision of changing the perception around Home Services as high-end or expensive by making them more intelligent and affordable at different price points. At the same time, the solutions created must be relevant to today's realities and address pressing issues such as the need for better energy management, quality of experience at home/workplace, and flexibility in integrating with various customer-service platforms.

Guwha's founders have significant background in embedded technology, web and mobile technologies, innovative engineering, consumer electronics etc. As both consumers and providers of technology solutions, their vision of how technology must drive the human experience, has crystallized into Guwha's solutions.

Guwha's multi-tiered solutions address different segments of the market, starting from individual homes or offices, to a distributed environment such as a residential complex or workplace campus, to a more public gateway that integrates hundreds of service providers.

Guwha has received seed-funding from angel investors, and is well-poised to turn its product roadmap into industry-benchmark solutions.

Guwha is a Home Services and convenience solutions provider based out of Bangalore, India. We offer tangible, cost-effective, quickly implementable, and high-value Home Service solutions by harnessing the power of web, mobile and smart technologies working in tandem.

Customer focus is what sets us apart. All our solutions are custom-made, and factor the unique needs of the customer, their budget constraints, and unique challenges of the environment they must be deployed in. In addition to implementing our own, indigenously-developed solutions, we partner with third-party service providers and integrate their offerings into our solutions.

Guwha's highly-efficient solutions have been well-received by clients and angels who have invested capital and see great promise for its relevance in a cost-conscious market like India.


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