Property Management Services

Services Gateway and Smart Home Solutions address need-based intervention in a smart way. Property Management Services enlarges the scope by enabling users to manage the purchase, maintenance, repair and day-to-day functioning of various home or business equipment, from within a single solution.

For example, purchase of new appliances for the home requires information on various brands, prices, and delivery outlets nearer home. Further, once purchased, the equipment must be serviced regularly which requires co-ordination with a different set of agencies. Effectively, the user must interact with multiple agencies for various aspects of the same equipment. The problem is further compounded when there are multiple appliances or equipment at the home or workplace.

Our Property Management Services is the answer to this issue. It integrates Smart Sensors, the Services Gateway, and third-party Service providers into the portal, thereby creating a single solution that addresses all equipments, various requirements around the equipment, and other day-to-day needs.

Similarly, at a workplace or a business organization, there are various equipment like printers, scanners, computers, ACs, Inverters, UPS, domain-specific instruments, etc which require purchase, maintenance, servicing, repairs etc. While previously, this required the dedicated attention of one or 2 executives, all these tasks can now be automated to a very large extent.

This ensures the equipments are working in top condition, their life is prolonged, you get best returns on your investment in infrastructure, and they are all managed in a hassle-free manner.


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